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sale price: $16.59

sale price: $16.99

Pear Pressure
sale price: $18.99

Just like real pudding or custard my Aunt Ripple used to make with a light vanilla flavor. this is a great copy of the rainbow candy you love very accurate The pressure is on! For you to enjoy a delicious pear-flavored vape, that is.
Raspberries & Cream
sale price: $16.99
Zombie Juice *IN STOCK*
sale price: $16.99

Raspberries and Cream, what a delicious vape to own! It comes highly recommended by us here at Native Juice! This has a pear and melon juice taste that will bring you back from the dead. It is very crisp and delightful; we cant get enough of this one! This flavor lives in a 30ml glass bottle.may contain food coloring please ask us for non food coloring if thats how you prefer it thanks We steep this vanilla flavor for at least three months before its available to purchase giving it a rich and amazing flavor. The label on the bottle is an example. All Ripple Reserves are either 6mg or 3mg.

This is a steeped version of one of our most famous juices to date, Ripple. We hope you'll like this just as much. Vape on!
Gorilla Juice
sale price: $15.99

Mac sauce
sale price: $16.99

Blue Razzle
sale price: $16.99

Creamy banana, with a strawberry after-taste. Very nice. this flavor was inspired by a great friend who had us change blue razzle for him its like blue razzle but with wild blueberries this is a wonderful mix of sweet raspberry and lemon and other natural flavors it will blow your mind